About Us

Students from FPELC come to kindergarten with the prerequisites needed to be successful in reading, writing, and math. The students are prepared for the fast pace of learning required at the Newton County Theme School. As a teacher, it’s always an awesome feeling when checking permanent records to find your student attended FPELC.
— Susan, teacher at Newton County Theme School
My youngest child, Adam, attended and graduated from FPELC. He has had great success in elementary school in large part due to the strong start he had there. He learned many things at FPELC (academically and socially) that helped prepare him for “Big School.” He knew his numbers and letters and many sight words before he even went to kindergarten. He knew how to clean up after himself and treat his classmates with respect and kindness, too. He learned to wait patiently, take turns, walk in a line, and listen actively from his FPELC teachers. Most importantly, he was cared for and loved by all of the teachers and staff every single day of the year he was there. All of these things helped shape him into a future “Student of the Month” at his elementary school and a child who looks forward to and enjoys going to school.
In addition, I am an elementary school teacher in the NCSS. My colleagues and I can see a big difference in the students who had a strong preschool foundation and the students who did not. Many of the students we see are FPELC graduates, and I have had the privilege of teaching many of them. They are the students who stand out the most as being academically and socially well-prepared for kindergarten and beyond. If I had another younger child, I wouldn’t hesitate to enroll him or her at FPELC.
— Laurie, NCSS teacher, mother of 3
Our family has been a part of First Presbyterian Early Learning Center for over seven years. It’s hard to describe what FPELC means to our family. Our son who is now ten years old went there for four years and my daughter who is currently enrolled has been going for almost three. We have had the best experience at this school in every respect. We get misty eyed even thinking about all the memories we’ve made there. Every director, every teacher and every family we have encountered has been wonderful. Our children have met some of their best friends there. Many of the teachers have become our good friends. Every teacher leads by example, showing compassion, respect and love. The mission of the school has always been learning, faith, with a base of pure creativity. It was always important to us that our children went to a pre-school that combined learning with fun. FPELC has always done that! The school has shown us and our kids what they can achieve and learn through art, music and language. In short, choosing FPELC to be our children’s preschool has been a great decision!
— Cali and Patrick, parents of 2