Our programs are 2, 3 or 5 days a week. All classes are based upon The Creative Curriculum preschool model, which focuses on learning through play. All classes also incorporate Christian teachings and kindergarten readiness skills through thematic units. Peer-modeling, lively interaction, play and conversation in a print-rich environment are imperative components of our early childhood curriculum. We are also pleased to have two certified teachers on staff with us at FPELC. 

Music: All of our students receive music education for 30 minutes each week. During this time, the students will play with instruments as well as work on steady beat and movement through song.

Chapel: All of our students will go to chapel each week where they hear the Bible story for the week and sing songs with Mr. Dan. We use Max Lucado's "The Story for Little Ones" Preschool Curriculum in chapel. The teachers also reinforce the Bible story throughout the week in their classrooms.

Spanish: We are pleased to have a certified Spanish teacher come to work with all of our students one day each week for 30 minutes. Mr. Jeremy has been a wonderful addition to our school, and the students have enjoyed learning a new language through his creativity and enthusiasm.

Science: We are focusing more on our science curriculum this year as we have volunteers come in and do science experiments with our students. We are focusing on science lessons in our classes as we are working toward having a dedicated STEM teacher in the near future.

Library: We have a library available for our students in the 3's and 4's classes. These classes will be able to visit the library, and the students in the 4's class will be able to check books out to take home and read with their parents. This is a great way to practice for "big school." 

We use Read Right from the Start in our classrooms to correlate with The Creative Curriculum which teaches strategies to help children develop language and vocabulary skills. All of our teachers have received training in implementing this program in our classes. You can find out more information about this program at www.readrightfromthestart.org.


Pre-K        Daily              $210/month     $40 Activity Fee

3 Year       Daily              $205/month    $40 Activity Fee

3 Year       MWF              $175/month     $40 Activity Fee

2 Year       Daily              $215/month     $40 Activity Fee

2 Year       MWF              $175/month     $40 Activity Fee

1 Year**     M/W or W/F    $150/month     $30 Activity Fee 

 **available when child turns 20 months, MWF, $175/month, $30 Activity Fee